Hourly Bartender provides a professional, mobile bartender service that comes to you. Whether at your home bar, office, outdoors, country club or bar, Hourly Bartender services a host of events that most often fall into the categories of corporate, private, and wedding. Review and purchase one of our Bar Options that are priced based on the number of guests; and exercise your option to select our "Standard Rate" or our "Bartender Only Rate", which are based on your bar and bartender needs.  To secure a bartender for your next event, click reserve bartender.

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Hourly Bartender is a mobile bartender service. Mixing drinks and beverage services are a complex portion of any event. However, because of our years of experience, and because our mixologists are professionally trained, Hourly Bartender is able to provide optimum care and personal attention to your complete bar and beverage needs. Select one of our bar options to accommodate your number of guests from our service categories: corporate events, private events, weddings, restaurants, sports events, and trade shows. Within these categories, Hourly Bartender offers optional bartender services such as ice delivery and mobile

bar rental while some services are packaged with options unique to their category.

In addition to our bartender services, Hourly Bartender offers specialized services such as  glassware rental, and other services such as hostesses, servers, cocktail servers, and barbacks.

Hourly Bartender complies with all drinking regulations and our customer care is unmatchable.  Hourly Bartender values your special event, so relax knowing that we will provide you with a safe and enjoyable beverage experience at your next event.


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No. of Guests

No. of Bartenders

Hour Minimum*

Alcohol/Liquor Purchase


Standard Service Rate**

Bartender Only Rate***

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Bartenders will be uniformed in all black.




   * Minimum 4 hours events, except for minimum 2 hours corporate events.


 ** Under the "Standard Service Rate," bartenders will provide bar tools, 2-4 complimentary bags of ice, napkins, straws,
      ice buckets, and trash cans.


*** Under the "Bartender Only Rate" bartenders will provide bar tools only.




Thank you again for choosing Hourly Bartender as your mobile bartender service. To request a bartender, please complete and submit the form below. Select any additional services you may need for your event. You will not be billed at this time. If you have a voucher, provide your voucher number in the appropriate box below. Once your information has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email before we finalize your bartender reservation.


We look forward to serving you!

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** Under the "Standard Bartender Rate," bartenders will provide bar tools, 2 complimentary bags of ice, 1-2 case of bottled water, napkins, straws, ice 
 buckets, and 1 trash can.
*** Under the "Bartender Only Rate" bartenders will provide bar tools only.

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"The professionalism and competence exhibited by Hourly Bartender was absolutely outstanding. I'd do business with them again without a moment's hesitation."


[Woodbridge, Virginia]




"The mojitos she made were a huge hit! She went above and beyond in everything. Everyone loved her! This was our first time hiring a bartender and it was so worth it!!! We will definitely do it again!"


[Alexandria, Virginia]


"My bartender was so friendly and nice. I really think she had as good a time as we did! She made great drinks, was friendly and professional. I want a bartender for all of my parties!"


[Silver Spring, Maryland]


"The Bartender was awesome! On time, personable, creative, laid back, and friendly. Perfect! We'll definitely have him back."


[Hyattsville, Maryland]


"The overall experience was great. Will definitely use your services again. Thank you for the memories."


[Bowie, Maryland]



"Two thumbs up should be an option. Our bartender was awesome. I will use them again.


[Silver Spring, Maryland]



"They make some amazing drinks. Specialty Mojitos are amazing!!! They are very professional and polite will definitely be coming back again!"


[Arlington, Virginia]


"Excellent service with the most professional staff. Highly recommend to anyone that has an event."


[Woodbridge, Virginia]



"My bartender was OUTSTANDING!"


[Accokeek, Maryland]


"Our bartender was EXCELLENT, friendly, professional, and made special drinks for our event on the spot. She was 'rocking' the special shots upon demand too. Most of all, I loved her personality---perfect for the intimate and family-oriented celebration we had. BEST BARTENDER EVER. I will use her again!"


[Alexandria, Virginia]



What is the time frame to reserve a bartender?

We can meet last minute requests. Contact us as soon as possible for your event and we will get the bar staff you need.


How much does Hourly Bartender charge?

Find prices by viewing our "Prices" page.  All orders are invoiced. Final payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Cancellations may be made up to  three days before your event.


Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. We also accept PayPal payments.


Will Hourly Bartender provide the Alcohol?

Due to state regulations and requirements, we do not buy or provide the alcohol. However, we do provide you with a drink list of all the items you will need for your event.


Who assumes the responsibility of making sure our guests do not have too much to drink?

Because we are not hosting the event, we are not responsible for the actions of your guests. As trained Mixologist, we serve alcohol responsibly. We are skilled in knowing when to refuse the service of alcohol to anyone of your guest. You will be notified if this occurs. Hourly Bartender also reserves the right to card or ask for proof of legal age to drink.


Do you offer other event staff?

Yes, we can also provide barbacks, wait staff, cocktail servers and hostesses. Please call for a quote, 800.406.1440.